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Content Rehab Aftercare Programs at Sunrise House Staying away from old friends and habits What causes relapse? Benefits Of Living a Healthy Life After Substance Abuse Steps For Rebuilding Trust After Addiction Recovery Life After Addiction Can Be Rewarding Contrarily, those caught in the vicious cycle of addiction can acquire some dubious new relationships that...

Contrarily, those caught in the vicious cycle of addiction can acquire some dubious new relationships that facilitate addictive and destructive behaviors. Today, public awareness has expanded to how addiction affects people of all ages, backgrounds, economic statuses, and religions. Try to find a rehab facility that offers training on things like handling a job interview, rewriting your resume, and dressing for job search. With work comes responsibility and accountability, two things that are key in early sobriety to keep you on track.

What are 4 common reasons for addiction relapse?

  • Withdrawal.
  • Mental Health.
  • People.
  • Places.
  • Things.
  • Poor Self-Care.
  • Relationships and Intimacy.
  • Pride and Overconfidence.

Congratulations on this opportunity to restart a new life and become the best version of you. Often people rebuilding your life after addiction will hear stories of recovery from people who have had much worse circumstances to contend with.

Rehab Aftercare Programs at Sunrise House

They may have problems overcoming shame or guilt in their lives. Maybe this is something you’re facing right now as you recover from addiction.

  • You can learn to manage your problems without falling back on your addiction.
  • Over time, these affirmations can help transform negative self-talk into a more optimistic view of yourself.
  • At Turnbridge young adult drug rehab, we ensure that no client leaves without sufficient planning and preparation.
  • As you rebuild your life, make sure you eat plenty of vegetables and fruits, limit processed foods, and drink about four to six cups of water each day.
  • You might be struggling to open up to your friends or family about how you feel.
  • All of a client’s closest personal relationships have the potential to be affected by substance abuse.

No one aims to become addicted, yet millions of Americans find themselves struggling with addiction and wondering how they ever got to such a dark place. Additionally, start building connections and finding a sponsor. The more sober, positive people you have in your life, the more protected your sobriety will be.

Staying away from old friends and habits

Accreditation by the Joint Commission is considered the gold standard in health care. For health insurance issues, talk with the Medicaid office to see if you qualify. Get plugged in with a supportive network of sober people. Now that you are in recovery, you have the opportunity to practice doing something kind every day.

Trust is a belief in the truth, ability, reliability, and strength of someone or something. Author Charles Feltman outlines the 4 elements of trust that are the basis for trust in any relationship.

What causes relapse?

Take a job, volunteer, or participate in group activities to make the most of your time. In recovery, the more you give, the more you will get back. It takes a considerably long time and perseverance to unravel the various root causes and triggers. The process of addiction treatment and recovery entails dismantling your life, clearing the state, and starting fresh.

  • Besides support groups, you can find inspiration in reading about listening to others that have battled addiction.
  • People will never trust you if you keep blaming a circumstance for the reason you behaved the way you did.
  • However, a healthy diet and exercise are recommended for everyone, regardless of physical ability.
  • That’s because people that enter addiction treatment often feel that they are failures.
  • People walk past an East Harlem health clinic that offers free needles and other services to drug users on in New York.

My depression which I was diagnosed with at 17, but got substantially worse after 5 concussions on the football field, was a huge part of my recovery. I had to work on my mental health in order to keep my sobriety and recovery in check. This meant getting outside help from doctors and therapist, along with medication for depression. During addiction, we pumped our brain full of foreign substances that confused our brain’s reward systems.

Benefits Of Living a Healthy Life After Substance Abuse

After he went through detox and entered recovery, he had trouble sleeping without using drugs. He began to run 17 miles per day and using exercise DVDs, too. This approach could work for you as exercise creates the endorphins that substances once supplied, and, if you join a class of some sort, you have access to a new social circle. As addiction treatment will emphasize, diet and exercise are invaluable in recovery. The chances are that you weren’t in the best health while in the middle of addiction, but it probably felt amazing to have a wholesome and balanced meal once you got sober.

In early recovery and throughout recovery in general, there will be people that tell you what you need to do to stay sober. I would pick something to focus on each day or week and not worry about the other things.

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